Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Plant and Garden Tips: A Guide for Local Flower Enthusiasts in Houston

The popular words ‘how does your garden grow?’ is a question that can be answered based on how well you care for it. Plants are living things which inhale and exhale similar to the way humans do, except they give out oxygen. They need adequate water and sunlight in order to thrive. You can tell how healthy a plant is just by looking at it so ensure your garden looks good by following the plant and garden tips below.

Understand Your Climate and Region

Region plays a big role in what plants you can or can’t grow in your garden. So understanding your climate will enable you to know what your limits are. Houston has a humid subtropical climate where a variety of plants grow such as heliconias, costus and orchids. The weather is even good enough to grow edible fruits and spices such as mangos, oranges and ginger just to name a few.

Start Off With Simple Plants

If you’re just starting off, the excitement to see flower and plants bloom quickly is something many beginners desire. If you are one of those people, start off with flowers which don’t take a long time to grow. Sunflowers and ferns can be good plants to try because they grow at a rapid rate and thrive when on Houston soil.

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