Sunday, 31 July 2016

A Thoughtful Flower Delivery Gift: The Right Blooms for the Occasion

Gifts are a great way of showing you care when loved ones are going through a special time in their life. Whether the event is one of happiness or sorrow, a flower delivery in Houston can let them know you're thinking about them. A florist can help you find the perfect bouquet, but you can come prepared by already knowing which flowers suit which occasions.

Flowers for Celebration

Flowers can add a celebratory air to any situation. Valentine's Day is most commonly associated with white and red roses, but gifts for the day speak to the special relationship between two people. Consider finding flowers and colors that speak to your partner's preferences. Men tend to prefer bright, crisp colors, while women have a preference for pastel tones.

Friday, 29 July 2016

Let Your Topiary Imagination Blossom in Crafting Your Personal Garden

Flowers are certainly beautiful, which would explain the insurgence of plant and garden areas around Houston in recent years. While one could buy a rose from a store, nothing quite compares to the fragrance and beauty of your own cultivated blooms. In fact, many commercial plants and flowers have been crossbred to favor color and size as opposed to smell, which to many, are not as special as organically-grown flora.

Crafting your own garden takes time and patience, but the freshness that pristine plants give can really enhance your home, regardless of the season. If you insist that you lack a green thumb, there are a variety of companies like River Oaks Plant House, who can help you with landscaping, flower arranging, and even invoke Edward Scissorhands by creating whimsical shapes out of the bushes in your yard.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Florist Offers Useful Tips on Choosing Your Wedding Flowers in Houston

So he finally proposed; and there’s little you can do to settle the butterflies in your tummy as you eagerly look forward to walking down the aisle, hand in hand with your partner as you prepare for a blissful future together. Well you haven’t got much time to spare, there’s so much planning and arrangements to be made because it’s your special day and it needs to be close to, if not completely perfect.

Choosing your wedding flowers, especially for your bouquet, is one of the most exciting aspects of wedding planning. After all, when else do you get the chance to exchange vows with the love of your life?

If you’re a bride with little or no experience in floral designs or flowers in general (maybe you can’t tell a chrysanthemum from a carnation, or you think craspedia is some internet slang), then there are lots of factors to consider.

Monday, 25 July 2016

Trendy Topiary: Some Facts on This Fancy Plant Art that Adorns Homes

If you’ve ever seen homes in or around Houston, you’ve likely noticed that some of those with large-enough yards feature shrubs shaped as animals, things, or any other recognizable objects and shapes. Wonder what that sublime plant art is called? Wonder no more. That living art is called topiary.

Topiary basically is the art of ornamental gardening, wherein practitioners trim, train, and prune plants into almost any shape and size. Topiary installations vary greatly in size; from pieces as big as trees shaped like ice cream cones to those small enough to fit in handheld cups. The art of topiary itself isn’t exactly a new concept: in fact, it can be traced as far back as 2,000 years ago to ancient Rome.

Friday, 8 July 2016

Say it with Flowers: What a Houston Florist Should Probably Tell You

The practice of giving flowers to represent a certain emotion or feeling for another person or circumstance has been around for ages. However, a serious plant lover or florist living in Houston should know that not all flowers speak the same language. Years of culture and tradition have an effect on the actual meaning of flowers.

Floriography, or more aptly known as the language of flowers, dates back to Victorian age wherein a simple flower arrangement can convey an important message without anybody uttering a single word.


Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Houston Natural Design: How a Topiary Brings Beauty to Home and Garden

Topiaries, by definition, is the art of clipping plants and trees into a specific shape. It serves as both decoration and focal point for your garden. However, due to the challenging creation and intricate maintenance a topiary requires, most Houston residents turn to a professional plant and garden landscaping company to get the job done.
Despite of this, most Houston residents still opt to get topiaries in their gardens to make their homes more inviting, classy, and elegant.