Tuesday, 25 April 2017

8 Houston Topiary-Approved Tips to Make a Small Landscape Look Bigger

Your home is your castle. But since it doesn’t make sense to surround it with moat, you can use landscaping to add warmth, texture and color to your place of dwelling. But what if you have a small yard? You can still make it work with a few nifty landscaping ideas for small yards and gardens like yours.

From planting annuals and perennials, to growing blooming shrubs, to using fixtures and structures, there are many great and wonderful ways to make your small oasis more inviting and appealing. Check out these Houston topiary-approved landscaping ideas and picture how they can improve your home’s looks and curb appeal.

Create a view

An all-wood structure such as a pergola can give a tiny garden a rustic yet majestic feel. Pergolas along with arbors are classic small yard landscaping features and offer a great way to create a view in your yard. If you prefer to go the more organic route, you can also create a view with small trees, flowers, shrubs, and topiary. Read more on this article: http://bit.ly/2qCISSF

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